Why Us?

Your advertisement in the newspaper has the shelf life of less than 1 minute!

We live in a fast paced world. Much of our time is spent in working, commuting, sleeping and the rest in watching television, if not on the mobile.

With very little time left for reading the newspaper, (on an average newspaper time is less than 10 minutes per day); your advertisement is lost in the rush.

Don’t agree? Why don’t you try to remember the time you spent today with the newspaper? With hundreds of pages of information and news all screaming for your attention, the time that an advertisement gets is often less than a minute.

Often, we see an advertisement in the paper that interests us but then when the newspaper moves from the table to the stack of old newspapers, we often forget where we say what we saw.

We often go back to the old stack looking for that particular advertisement or news item that we wanted to respond to but are unable to locate it easily. Same happens to the jobs that you advertise.

Internet job portals allow you to advertise on their sites for a fee thus giving your job listings some longevity.

Many newspapers have job portals where you can advertise along with your newspaper advertisements but for a fee.

www.india-jobsite.com allows you to post your jobs on our portals for free.

Our portal is Google adwords driven portal that earns its money from third party advertisements displayed on our portal without any job lister paying a single paise or cent for it. As advertisements on our portal are served through an automatic program designed and implemented by Google, the advertisements appearing on our portal are relevant and specific to the content that appears next to it.

If you would like to make your job listings last longer and allow your jobs to be found over a much longer span of time, do send us your jobs for inclusion on our portal @ www.india-jobsite.com today.

As there is no limit on the number of words or size of the advertisement, you can describe your requirements in much better detail for a better response. You can include graphics, logos and even audio/video for inclusion on the website.

Do send us your job listings at freeads.india.jobsite@gmail.com

To prevent spam, all job listings should preferably come from a company mail id and not from a free id. All jobs listings should have the name of organization, its address, phone numbers and name of the contact person authorizing the release of the job on our portal. You can also use the online form to post jobs on our website.

The right to accept or reject any listing lies solely with www.india-jobsite.com.

Many thanks for your time.