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Here are some ready tips for candidates for attending interviews and writing their resume’s.

Interview Tips

The biggest tip for an interview is to be honest without being disparaging to yourself. Everyone goes through ups and downs in life. The reason why you are at the interview is that the organization has gone through your resume and see you as a fit to their requirement. They want to select the best fit, therefore they have many candidates lined up for the job interview.

  • Be honest about your achievements, failures and lessons that you have learned as your career has progressed.
  • For questions you don’t know the answers, say so. Everyone is not expected to know everything, especially if the question does not concern your job role.
  • Being aware of the business environment both local and global helps. Stay up to date with current affairs and stay clear of taking a political position.
  • State your truth clearly and firmly. Salaries in corporate world follow rigid structures, thus unless you are asked to tell what is your expectation, stay clear of naming a figure. You can tell the interviewer(s) what was your last drawn salary or cost to your company.
  • Unless you are without a job, you will be offered more than what you have been getting. A 10% increase is bare minimum. Set your own standard for switching a job. If you agree to a small increase for switching your job, it shows you in bad light. Unless of course there were other reasons for leaving the previous job like low work satisfaction, travel related issues, etc. Seeking a 20 to 30% increase shows that you are confident and feel that you deserve more that what the current company is paying you.

Always reveal joining period and notice periods that require to be served. Even if offered to join immediately, politely decline or ask for time such that you can discuss this with your existing employer and seek waiver of notice period if possible. Joining immediately also shows you in bad light as employers will always keep your actions in mind and feel that you may end up doing the same with them.

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Please remember these tips are from international websites. You may have to modify them for Indian environment.

Here are some Resume Tips taken from some international websites.